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Quality control free-arab-dating-quality

Our Arab culture contains a lot of great moral values. These values are our guidance in our journey in life, that for we have to respect them and follow them

arabelove.com quality warranty is to assure the members the quality of the site contents
Therefore we take the following measures to control the quality and to deliver you a safe environment to make friends and find your soul mate and match

All the new and updated profiles are saved in “pending” status until they are read, examine and approved by our quality team to be sure they don’t contain any inappropriate languages
All profiles has to meet with Profile guidelines
All the photos uploaded on the site are saved in “pending” status until they are examine and approved by our quality team to be sure they don’t contain any nude or an inappropriate signs
All photos has to meet with Photos criteria
Any member uses his/her the internal MSG system to send emails contains inappropriate languages or to abuse other members with ads or any kind of publicity. Will lose his membership for ever and will band from rejoin the site
An abuse form and a feed back form is available to all the members to use to reports all abuses on the site or any concerns, all abuse reports are taken very seriously and the abuser if proven will face termination of his/her membership Report abuse Feedback
Our quality control team monitor the Website around the clock to assure 100% satisfaction to our members

Profile guidelines

To ensure a quality service for all arabelove.com members, we have established guidelines that must be adhered to in order for your profile to be posted on this service. These guidelines do not represent every possible cause for us not to post profiles or other content, but are intended to give you some understanding of what is not acceptable on arabelove.com .

Profiles containing the following will not be posted:
profile headline less than 25 characters or more than 50 characters
your own description less than 50 characters or more than 1000 characters
your match description less than 150 characters or more than 1000 characters
graphic or explicit language
personal information (full name, email, telephone, ICQ#, URL)
comments directed at specific members or at arabelove.com itself
written in any language other than English, French or Arabic
mention of illegal activities, violence or non-consensual acts
solicitation or any commercial activity
discriminatory (racist, sexist, homophobic, ageist) text
seeking a sexual relationship

Photos criterias

Photos must be of you
Photos must clearly display your face
Photos cannot contain any contact information
Photos must fit the area it's submitted for
Funny photos are welcome

Nudity is not allowed, keep it clean. Any photos or title suggesting sexual activity or arousal will be rejected and deleted at once and you can face a termination of your membership for ever without any notice.

Your photos may be rejected and deleted if :
It contains or suggests any sexually graphic photos
It contains touching yourself or others in a sexual way
It contains or suggests illegal activities or drugs
It is deemed to be offensive, obscene, or violent
It is blank or very poor quality
It is a photo of a celebrity
It is copyrighted

*Breaking any rules or any term of the terms of service will cause an immediate termination of membership

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